What are featured snippets? What makes them so unique?

Featured snippets give quick information to the user that is concise and direct answer to their question, without having to click anywhere on the results page. Featured Snippets appear in the organic search results below the ad box. There are three types of featured Snippets.

  1. Paragraph
  2. List
  3. Table

Interesting facts about featured snippets.

  • Majority of the times featured snippets are triggered by long tail keywords
  • Start with a question type search query (How, why, what?)
  • You can use a keyword research tool that immediately shows whether a query triggers a featured result.

Types of Questions:

Basic Questions (What is):

These kind of questions relate to defining a concept. They don’t contain lengthy explanation. People are searching about a quick meaning or explanation.

How to Question?

These include step by step instruction of how a particular task is done.

Adding videos to explain how a task is done can help you to increase CTR.

Branded Questions:

These questions are specific to a brand. It may include your competitors brand. These are typical ROPO queries. – Research Online Purchase Offline.

Below are the examples of branded questions:

  • People asking how to buy your product.
  • Navigation question
  • Competitor research question. Ex: How is your product better than your competitor etc.

Featured snippets are playing a critical role in how google is providing results to your searches. Featured snippets is known to be position Zero as it is displayed above the organic search results. 

How do you achieve this position zero- The direct placement in google search box? In short, how do you get your website appear in google’s featured snippet?

We, at The Digital Shark, have run a variety of tests to achieve this position zero? We have boiled down to the four steps below:

  1. Identify direct questions related to your business that people often ask.
  2. Provide a direct answer to that question.
  3. Offer value added information in addition to your answer.
  4. Make it easy for google to search you on google.